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                                                              Dproto 0.9.87 + Dproto 0.9.122


- Fixed steamid generation for Steamclient 2009

- Fixed: VAC Status was always "protected" on Windows servers.
- Moved all options to configure fakeplayers detector to dproto.cfg
- Update sample amxx plugins.

- Added quick fix for vulnerability in netchan's fragment parser
- Enhanced detection of fakeplayers (against Argentinian haxxxorz)

- Improvements/bugfixes in fakeplayers/packet flood detection code
- AMXX API and example plugins updated
- Fixed bug with cid_AVSMP, it was always 1
- Added useful commands for threats monitoring, check Readme.txt

- bugfix, bugfix, bugfix, bugfix....
- Added support for AVSMP clients

- fix for random svc_bads on connect

- proper bots detection method in fakeplayers detector

- fixed problems with AMD engines
- fixed hybrid answer mode
- fakeplayers detector won't kick and ban bots anymore

- fixed crash when working with bans DB (banid)
- fix in new revEmu auth code

- project moved to new versioning system; version format for now is MAJOR.MINOR.REVISION
- added support for latest linux engine.
- added support for new revEmu/SteamClient2009 clients
- added config options to set first prefix of steamid for clients. For example, revEmu clients may be marked as STEAM_4_0_xx
- added 2-level protection against all kinds of fake players
- added protection against flooding server with connectionless (PlayerList, ServerInfo, Rules) queries.
- added option (HLTVExcept_IP) to allow HLTVs from specified address to join the server even if cid_HLTV is 5 (deprectated). May be useful if you using HLTVReport plugin, but you dont want to allow another HLTVs to join your server.
- Source code will not be available anymore.
- (untested) "The VAC problem" (when VAC banned clients are able to join server) should be fixed.

- fixed problem with dropping clients with "Unknown HLTV Type" message
- fix in anti-svc_bad code, it should work fine now

- fixed: old WON clients (CS patch 21 and lower) unable to join server

- fixed NET_SendPacket error that appears when server tried to drop deprecated client

- implemented fix for "Server failed to transmit file AY&SY" kind of svc_bad's
- UTF8 Chat/Nicknames support completely removed (will add it to another plugin)
- Userinfo filter removed because it does not needed anymore (it was a temporary fix for svc_bad's)
- added separate AuthProvider (dp_r_id_provider cvar) constant for HLTV (check amxx/dp_test.sma)
- fixed GameNameChanger plugins under Windows.
- There are a lot of changes in dproto.cfg. Old configs won't work with this version.

- Using on-the-fly offsets searching for patching.
- dproto now supports all existing (and hopefully future) p48 engines for Windows and Linux (including
- Fixed vulnerability in SV_ParseVoiceData() used by hlds_vcrash exploit.

Нужна новая серверная часть скаченная с hldsupdatetool
Metamod последний или Metamod-p32

1.Закидываете все по папкам
2.В cstrike\addons\metamod\plugins.ini прописываете:
Для windows:
win32 addons\dproto\dproto.dll

Для linux:
linux addons/dproto/

Скачать Dproto 0.9.87 (Windows & Linux):

Скачать Dproto 0.9.122 (Windows):

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